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主任牧師 ・ Senior Pastor

山口武春 牧師・ Ps. Tantan & Ai Yamaguchi


1974年生まれ。東京都出身。幼少をベルギー、タンザニアで過ごす。 14歳で クリスチャンとなり、16歳で牧師になる決心。 東京基督教大学卒業。2018年 12月、ニューホープ横浜主任牧師就任。 妻、愛との間に愛波、励愛、心愛、真 愛、4人の娘に恵まれている。 趣味はサーフィン。 CGNTVやアルファトラックスTV の番組ナビゲーターを務め、 またワーシップリーダーとして Tommy Walkerや小坂 忠、 Asiahと共にCDをリリースしている。(「J-Frontlines Live Worship 2010」、 「J-Frontlines LIve Worship 2011」、 「Overflow」、 「New Heart」)
Pastor Tantan was born in Tokyo in 1974. When he was a child, he lived in Belgium and Tanzania. He became a Christian when he was 14 years old and committed to becoming a pastor when he was 16 years old. After graduating from Tokyo Christian University, he spent 6 years in Hino, Tokyo to start a church. After being trained in New Hope Oahu as an intern, he established New Hope Yokohama with Pastor Toru Majima in 2004. He has a wonderful family, blessed with his lovely wife, Ai, and darling daughters, Aina, Leia, Koa, and Mana. His hobby is surfing.
Currently working as an MC for CGNTV and Alphatrax TV, he has also released albums as a worship leader with Tommy Walker, Chu Kosaka, and Asiah. (“J-Frontlines Live Worship 2010”, “J-Frontlines LIve Worship 2011”, “Overflow”, “New Heart”).