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礼拝 ・ Worship Service

日曜日13:00 ・ Sundays at 1:00PM

Our Schedule


Feb, 2024

「手洗いしないの!?」 “Don’t You Wash Your Hands?”

横浜にぎわい座 芸能ホール3F Nigiwaiza 3F February 25, 2024 13:00
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Mar, 2024

Sunday Service

横浜市教育会館 ・ Yokohama City Education Center March 3, 2024 13:00
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Mar, 2024

Sunday Service

新堀 楽友ホール ・ Niibori Gakuyu Hall March 10, 2024 13:00
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Mar, 2024

Sunday Service

横浜にぎわい座 芸能ホール3F Nigiwaiza 3F March 17, 2024 13:00
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Each venue has different rules, such as for bringing pets. If you have any questions about the rules of each venue, please contact each venue in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

今日のデボーション・Today’s Devotional

Numbers 8, 9 | Acts 28

民 8, 9 | 使 28


We want to pray for you.

Do you have a prayer request?


    Loving God and Loving Others

    日曜礼拝にぜひご参加ください!みなさんとお会いできることを楽しみにしています! 礼 拝を通してみなさんに神様の愛が豊かに注がれますように!
    We’d love to meet you! Come and join in one of our worship services. Our heart and soul are to introduce and connect people with the loving God.


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