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Beyond the Law

Topic: What is really important


‘ “What sorrow awaits you Pharisees! For you are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens, but you ignore justice and the love of God. You should tithe, yes, but do not neglect the more important things. ‘

Luke 11:42 NLT


Jesus looked at how good they were at observing every detail of the Law. They made the Law the most important thing but forgot about God’s love. They got so wrapped up in following the Law that they forgot what the law was for.

I know I can get legalistic at times. If my kids don’t follow the rules, I get upset. If someone doesn’t follow the rules it ruffles my feathers.

I got irritated at someone for coming into the train as I was getting out. I didn’t say anything, but inside I said, “C’mon man! Wait till people get out!” I don’t know what that person was going through at the time, and no one got hurt. Jesus is reminding me today to “not neglect the more important things.”


Recently, I got hurt surfing. I bumped my head on the sand and it also bent my neck and back. It was actually minor but it really scared me. I got checked out properly and there was nothing in jeopardy, but I still worried, “Am I gonna be paralyzed? Am I going to suddenly not wake up?” All these thoughts continued with me. I was scared most about my family. It really made me think about what was really important to me. Rules and laws are important to keep to be safe and at peace, but must I be so uptight about them? I began to see that if I would choose rules and laws over loving my family, I have missed the point. Jesus showed me this through this instance.

I need to take a look at why not following the rules, bug me. Jesus says that it is important to follow the laws, but not forget to love others and give justice. Perhaps, I am too controlling that I am missing the big picture. I need to stop, step back, and look at what is really happening here. Will the infraction help or hurt others? Was anyone hurt or was it a misunderstanding? If I am too quick to cast judgment, I will miss it completely. I also should ask questions that will help me and others to sort out what is the situation and what is truly important, what is for the eternal benefit of others. 


Dear Heavenly Father, God Almighty, holy is Your Name! Thank you for sending Jesus to teach us about what is really important. Jesus, thank you for showing us through your examples. Help us to show your love to others, help us to be more patient, gentle, at peace with others, kind to others, and self-controlled. Allow our hearts and minds to be on what is truly important to You. I ask for your forgiveness when I have put law-abiding and rule-following before what You have taught us. I love you and desire to really share Your love with others. I ask of this in Your Precious Name, Jesus! Amen!


トピック 本当に大切なものは何か



ルカ11:42 NLT




私が降りようとした時に電車に入ってきた人にイラッとしたことがあります。何も言わなかったけど、心の中で「いい加減にしろ!」と言った。人が降りるまで待てよ!”って。その人がどんな思いをしていたかはわかりませんが、誰も怪我をすることはありませんでした。イエス様は今日、私に “もっと大事なことをおろそかにしてはいけない “と思い出させてくださっているのです。






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