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“and for the other gold and silver work to be done by the craftsmen. Now then, who will follow my example and give offerings to the Lord today?”
— 1 Chronicles 29:5

King David sets an example for others to follow through his own initiative. Though his son, Solomon, was chosen to build the temple, David knew his job was to set Solomon up to be well prepared for the work ahead. David gives generously to the endeavor to show his dedication to the building of the temple and his trust in the Lord.

David demonstrates what it means to have a willingness to give. His giving was a direct outpouring of gratefulness and understanding that all things come from God.  David gave his own personal riches away to establish the temple of God, but it was all done out of a heart that truly was after God’s heart. 

Money challenges us in a way that really shows our own willingness and heart. It doesn’t matter how much was given, just like the story of the woman who gave two small copper coins. What matters is the heart from which we give. Today was a call to check my own heart to see if I am properly stewarding the things God has blessed me with. I can honestly say there are times when I am stingy and do not have the willingness to give. However, there are times, when my heart is overflowing when I give to help others. 

I need to test and examine my heart to see if there is a willingness to help or if there is a desire to be selfish and look out for myself. While testing myself, I need to see why I am unwilling to give up my time or resources for others or serve the church. I know there are times I just need some alone time, or times I cannot give because there are things I am responsible for paying for. I also need to be able not to be so critical if I cannot give so much. I need to make sure that what I am doing or giving is out of a joyousness to serve God and gratefulness for His provision.

Dear Lord God Almighty,

Thank you so much for your provision of resources like money and time. Thank you for knowing my needs. I ask for your forgiveness for the times I did not properly steward things like time and money. I confess that there are times I am selfish, and I repent of this.  I chose to release this feeling of obligation and comparison. Help me to be a good example of being a proper steward. I love you and ask of this in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!

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