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What House are You Building?


“You looked for much, and behold, it came to little. And when you brought it home, I blew it away. Why? declares the Lord of hosts. Because of my house that lies in ruins, while each of you busies himself with his own house.”
— ‭‭Haggai‬ ‭1‬:‭9‬‬


Are we paying more attention to building our lives here on Earth than we are leaving the things of God unattended to? God is accusing Israel of getting so comfortable and concerned with their lives here that they forget God, who has been sustaining them. God is not asking for a building but rather that their hearts be turned back toward Him. We also are being called to check our priorities. Are we busying ourselves with working to make money that our focus is just on money? Are we focusing our lives on getting ahead or making a name for ourselves here? While being successful or profitable or known is not a bad thing in itself, making those things our gods are. We are not only physical beings but spiritual ones. And God has put a God-sized hole in our spirit that yearns for the only one who can fill that hole: God.


How can we turn our hearts back to God?
1) Check our priorities.
We often spend the most time doing things we prioritize. If recreation is your priority, you will spend more time on that than having a clean house. We should have God as the first and central priority, for from Him comes everything we are given. (Romans 11:36) Also, by putting Him first, the things that we fret about or anxious about, He will add to you peace that He will help you. (Matthew 6:33). It doesn’t mean doing ministry but rather spending time and investing time in a relationship with Jesus.
2) Recognize the imbalances.
The body compensates for imbalances in it, like nutrient deficiencies or physical imbalances. We may develop shoulder pain because we lack the muscles to support our heads and a proper posture. If we look at our schedules objectively, we can see where we spend our time. (Ecclesiastes 3:1).


Dear God, Help us to turn our hearts back to You. Show us where our priorities have become imbalanced and help us to realign them with You as our central focus. Give us the wisdom to recognize when we are busying ourselves with our own desires and neglecting our relationship with You. Fill the God-sized hole in our spirits and guide us in investing time and effort into our relationship with Jesus. Amen.



– ハガイ1:9


観察:私たちは、神のことを放っておくよりも、この地上での生活を築くことに注意を払っているだろうか?神はイスラエルがここでの生活に安住し、関心を持つあまり、自分たちを支えてくださっている神を忘れてしまうことを非難しているのだ。神が求めているのは、建物を建てることではなく、彼らの心を神に立ち返らせることなのだ。私たちもまた、自分の優先順位を確認するよう求められている。お金を稼ぐことに忙殺され、お金のことだけに集中していないだろうか。出世や名を上げることに人生を注いでいないだろうか?成功すること、利益を得ること、名を知られること自体は悪いことではないが、それらを神とするのは問題だ。私たちは肉体的な存在であるだけでなく、霊的な存在なのだ。そして、神は私たちの精神に神サイズの穴を開け、その穴を埋めることのできる唯一の方を切望している: 神である。


1) 優先順位をチェックする。
2) アンバランスを認識する。



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