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Watch God


‘Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maidservant to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God, till he has mercy upon us. ‘

Psalm 123:2


A servant is always attentive to the desires of their master. It could be the slightest signal but as soon as the servant sees it, they move into action. Therefore, the Psalmist is telling us to be like a servant whose eyes are fixed upon the Lord. We will see His mercy if we patiently wait.


When we keep our eyes upon God, we will know when to move. With our eyes on Him, we can see His directing and guidance. We can see how He is blessing us and pouring out His mercy upon us. It is easy for us to be distracted and miss what God is doing because our eyes are focused elsewhere. I know I have missed out on opportunities and missed the blessings and mercy of God. All because I was so worried or trying to do things my own way.

I need to stop and reflect on what is really happening in times I am worried or anxious. Yes, God has blessed me with the mind and ability to handle things on my own, but it is a choice to keep my eyes fixed on His mercy and provision or wrestle with the worry and anxiety.  

I also need to wait on Him. Often, I put time limits on things that really don’t matter or based on my expectations of when things should happen or be done. Waiting is tough for me. My impatience has led to many mistakes and regrets in my life.  But if I am going to completely trust in God, I need to wait on His timing and answer.

Question for today:  Where are my eyes focused?


Dear God Almighty, You are my master and king, my Father, and Lord. Your mercy and blessings are in so much abundance in this world! I praise you and thank you for your mercy and blessings upon me. I know I am so unworthy of them, yet because of who you are and what Jesus has done, I am made righteous and worthy. I ask for your forgiveness for being impatient and looking to other things to solve my problems. I ask for your forgiveness when I have missed your cues to me and ignored your timing. I choose to keep my eyes focused on you and my heart in tune with yours. I love you and ask of this in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!









また、私は主を待つ必要があります。私はしばしば、どうでもいいことに時間制限を設けたり、いつまでに何をすべきかという自分の期待に基づいたりしてしまいます。私にとって待つことは難しいことです。私のせっかちな性格は、これまでの人生で多くの失敗や後悔をもたらしてきました。 しかし、神様を完全に信頼するためには、神様のタイミングと答えを待つ必要があります。

今日の質問です。 私の目はどこに向いていますか?



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