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The power of encouragement


“winds were against us… the wind did not allow us to hold our course… we moved along the coast with difficulty… Much time had been lost… wind of hurricane force… long time without food…” Acts 27


Nothing goes as it should in Paul`s life. In addition, Paul was a prisoner and even though he knew what should be done nobody listen to him… I mean of course who would listen to a prisoner? And these soldiers they really were scary… – look at verse 42: they were planning to kill the prisoners, including Paul. It really was a hopeless situation.


Now, what encourages and challenges me is Paul‘s attitude in this terrible situation! Paul did not give up! Paul did not get discouraged! Paul did not get a dark mind about the intention of these soldiers! Paul did not blame others! Paul kept his love for all the people of this ship right to the end. Paul kept encouraging people: ―Keep up your courage men – not one of you will be lost! Isn`t that an amazing altitude? What we should see here is a man filled with fear, suspicion, and bitterness. But instead, there is openness, love and encouragement. The reason for this was that Paul saw in all these difficulties, opportunities for God to work. And it was this right attitude, this closeness to God which changed everything for Paul and for everybody else on that ship. If Paul would have let himself be pulled down by all the difficult things surrounding him not only he himself but probably all the 276 people on board would have lost their lives. That`s how much our attitude can make a difference.


Lord, search my heart and help me to fix my eyes on you! I believe that you are working in and through difficulties. Let me be a man like Paul who is not driven by challenges but powered by your presence and love. Amen.


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