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The King of My Heart

Scripture (S):
“Is it not wheat harvest now? I will call on the LORD to send thunder and rain. And you will realize what an evil thing you did in the eyes of the LORD when you asked for a king.”

(1 Samuel 12:17, NIV)

Observation (O):
The context is Samuel addressing the people of Israel after they requested a king.
Samuel intends to demonstrate the gravity of their request by calling on the Lord to send thunder and rain during the wheat harvest.

Application (A):
Understanding My Motives: The longing for a king appears harmless on the surface. However, beneath this seemingly benign yearning lurks a dismissal of God’s kingship and an aspiration to emulate the independence and strength of other nations. Where in my life am I seeking possessions or achievements that might distance me from God? Even a seemingly noble ambition, such as leading a successful Christian ministry, can be driven by a desire to assert my identity separate from God’s love for me. It’s crucial to examine these motives and align them with our faith.

Prayer (A):
Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me, whenever I put my hope and trust in other things then you. Forgive me, whenever I want to be like everybody else. Help me to keep taking my identity from your love alone. You are the king of my heart. Amen.


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