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Stay focused

These are the beginning of birth pains.

Mark 13:8



“Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.” (v. 30) is the people Jesus was speaking to at that moment—some of what He predicted was going to occur during their lifetimes. So, when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70, Jesus’ prophecy was fulfilled in part; the fall of Jerusalem provided a foretaste of worse things to come. The key theme in Mark 13 is: Watch out (v. 5), You must be on your guard (v. 9) So be on your guard (v. 23) Be on guard! Be alert (v. 33), Watch (v. 37)

Jesus is asking us as, we are going through “birth pains”, to stay focused on HIM and not be misled by false teachings or distracted by the current events!



I can`t remember a time where we were confronted with so many conspiracy theories. And I still remember all these prophets who told us in the name of the Lord that Trump (who seemed to have become some sort of messianic figure for many) will get a second term. And since last week we do pray daily for the Ukraine. We ask Jesus to be our King, to fill our hearts with His humility and to become instruments of His peace in this world. We want to be on guard of all forms of pride, including the constant danger of national pride (nationalism), and not lose hope: all our kingdoms with all their vain glory and pride are heading for destruction, but the kingdom of Jesus powered by His humility and sacrifice for all of us will stand and heal this world. To HIM alone be all the power and glory! Amen.



Lord, we commit ourselves to you today again! So many things are outside of our control. Help us to trust you in all things! Reign in our hearts today! Amen.

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