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Soft hearts


‘Remember what it says: “Today when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts as Israel did when they rebelled.” ‘

Hebrews 3:15 NLT


The author of Hebrews reminds Christians of “Today” not to harden their heart when we hear God’s voice. What does harden mean? The Israelites complained against God when they traveled through the wilderness. They witnessed all that God had done and was doing every step of the way to care for them, yet they rebelled. Their hearts were no longer receptive to God’s care and commands to them. Rather their hearts, ears, and eyes, were closed to what God was doing as they longed for what they had in Egypt.

Today, we may complain and become ungrateful for what God is doing. Maybe we are thinking God is too slow or didn’t give us what wanted or even told us “No.” So we take things into our own hands and go and do something that we will regret later, just to satisfy our desires. We grow ungrateful and bitter, blaming God for our hardships when it was all because of our choice to not listen. God will not force us to listen. He desires us to choose to follow Him. How can we keep our hearts soft and receptive?


  1. Develop a grateful heart. When we are grateful, our hearts are receptive. We are able to receive what God has for us because we know that God is working for our good. We can be thankful for trials and challenges that will help us grow. We cherish what God is doing in our lives when we have a grateful heart and it helps us to be ready for all he has for us.
  2. Repent often. We all mess up here and there in our lives. Unconfessed sin will harden our hearts and draw us away from God. It will cause us to feel guilty and condemn us. God sent Jesus to save us from our sins, but we still need to confess and center our hearts upon Christ.


Dear God Almighty, I know that I have been ungrateful at times and sinning just to satisfy my own desires. Please forgive me for my pride, selfishness, and desire to go my own way. Jesus, please cleanse my heart and soften it once more so that I am receptive to your voice. Help me to be able to hear your voice clearly every day. I love you and ask of this in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!




ヘブル3:15 NLT


ヘブル人への手紙の著者は、”今日 “のクリスチャンに、私たちが神様の声を聞くときに心を硬くしないようにと命じています。hardenとは何でしょうか?イスラエルの民は荒野を旅している時、神様に対して不平を言いました。彼らは、神が自分たちのためにしてくださったこと、またしてくださっていることを一歩一歩目撃していたにもかかわらず、反抗したのです。彼らの心はもはや神の配慮と命令を受け入れられませんでした。むしろ、彼らの心、耳、目は、エジプトで持っていたものに憧れ、神がなさることに閉ざされていたのです。

今日、私たちは、神がしてくださることに対して、不満を持ち、感謝しなくなることがあります。神様は遅いとか、欲しいものをくれなかったとか、”No “と言われたとか、そんな風に思っているかもしれません。だから、私たちは自分の手で物事を進め、自分の欲望を満たすために、後で後悔するようなことをするのです。私たちは感謝せず、苦しくなり、苦難を神のせいにしてしまいます。神は私たちに耳を傾けることを強要しません。神は、私たちが神に従うことを選択することを望んでおられます。どうしたら、私たちの心を柔らかく、受け入れることができるでしょうか?





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