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Requirement List


“Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord ? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill?”

Psalms 15:1 NLT


This Psalm is a psalm without a title, but let’s call it the “Question and Answer Psalm” because this is what it is.

The verse above (1), asks a question and the rest of the chapter is the answer to that question.

The question resumes in “Who has the right to enter your presence?”

The following verses will tell us:

  • Lead blameless lives
  • Do what is right
  • Speaks the true from sincere hearts
  • Refuse to gossip
  • Refuse to harm others
  • Refuse to speak evil
  • Despises a vile person
  • Honors those who fear the Lord
  • Keeps their promises even when it hurts
  • Lend money without charging interest
  • Cannot be bribed to lie about the innocent

The conclusion of all this, is that no one has the right by their own merit to enter in God’s presence. At some point in our lives, we failed.

The answer is that we alone cannot be right before God. Only through Jesus, whom can fulfill all these requirements, we can be righteous before God.

This chapter isn’t about the requirements to enter heavens, but it about how we, Christians, shall live our lives here. As people that got saved by Jesus, we too from now on, shall live like he did.


Which of items in this list I am struggling or laking?

“Keep their promises even when it hurts” is very hard to accomplish because my own sense of self justice.

I sometimes struggle to “Speak the true from sincere hearts”. I always try to find the balance of not hurting someone’s feeling if I need to speak up, but sometimes I should be more straight with the truth for the sake of that person.


Father, help me to see the life of Jesus as a full example to my attitudes and way of living. Help me apply your Word each day. Keep changing my mind. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

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