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Never Weary of the Lord


“O my people, what have I done to you? What have I done to make you tired of me? Answer me! Micah 6:3 NLT


God demands an answer for why His people have grown tired of Him. What a humbling question from God to be asked why we have grown tired of Him. It is because we have become forgetful and ungrateful. There is so much that is going on beyond what I see before me. So much that God is working in and on in the life He has blessed me with that I feel convicted that I have become that exactly, forgetful and ungrateful. This feels like a critical point to be cautious of in my walk with Jesus. Am I tired of serving? Am I tired of praying? Am I tired of worshipping, being in the Bible, and meditating on the things of God? At this point, I cannot say so, but this verse serves as a strict warning to me.


To apply this verse to my life, I need to regularly reflect on God’s blessings and His presence. I will cultivate gratitude daily, ensuring that I remain aware of His constant work and provision. This will help me stay engaged and avoid becoming weary in my spiritual walk.


Dear God Almighty,

Thank you so much for all You are doing in my life. I chose to be more mindful in remembering what You have done and are doing in my life. I am sorry for the times that I chose to put other things before my relationship with You. I ask that you mercifully remind me to be grateful. Thank you for the 20th anniversary of New Hope Yokohama. I pray you guide us and provide for the work You have for the Church. I am grateful for your protection, provision, mercy, and grace! Thank you so much, God! In Your Son’s Name, Jesus. Amen

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