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Love Him


But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. Revelations 2:4 ESV


Jesus encouraged the church of Ephesus to be doctrinally sound and persevering in testing and trials. Yet they lacked the most important thing – loving God. If I did everything I was supposed to do as a husband and did not love my wife, our marriage would be cold and miserable. Love brings life to our relationships. It isn’t about all the tasks done just out of duty; instead, it is about doing things out of love for the person. Perhaps even I have gotten into the rhythm of doing the things that need to be done in church, ministry, at home, and work, yet missing the most crucial thing: expressing love to those in my life, especially Jesus.

Yesterday, I read in Psalm 117:2, “For his unfailing love for us is powerful;

the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever.” God’s love for us is powerful! it is not because of what we can do to earn it; it is powerful because God chose to love us. He displays it all the time to me, to us. Jesus is saying in Revelations 2:4 that the relationship we share with Him should not just be one-sided. I am reminded to ask myself the question, “How can I return to loving Jesus as before?”


Enjoy time just being with Jesus. I need to take time not just to do devotions to check off something I need to do. Instead, I need to stop and meditate on His Word and really take in what He is telling me. I also need to let my soul sing out, pray, worship, and surrender to however my spirit desires to worship.


Heavenly Father, God Almighty,

Praise and glory to You for your powerful love and unending faithfulness! Thank you for Jesus! Jesus, I ask for your forgiveness when I have made our relationship about doing things for you out of obligation. Please restore to me the love I had lost along the way for you. Please forgive me. I desire to get to know you more by spending time with you. Thank you for still loving me. I love You and worship You! In Your Precious Name, Jesus! Amen.



しかし、わたしは、あなたがたに不利なことがある。あなたがたは、初め抱いていた愛を捨てたのだ。黙示録2:4 ESV






イエスと一緒にいる時間を楽しむ。やるべきことをチェックするためにディボーションをするだけでなく、時間を取る必要がある。その代わりに、立ち止まって主の御言葉を黙想し、主が私に語っておられることを本当に受け止める必要がある。また、自分の魂を 無料版のDeepL翻訳(で翻訳しました。

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