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‘Because you trusted me, I will give you your life as a reward. I will rescue you and keep you safe. I, the Lord , have spoken!’”’

Jeremiah 39:18 (NLT)


Jeremiah listened and trusted in the Lord. He trusted God that whatever He said to do, he obeyed. Even though Jeremiah had to proclaim bad news to King Zedekiah, he obeyed. Even if he would be thrown into prison or in this case dropped into a cistern, He trusted in God’s directing. He had to share the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem, yet he trusted in the Lord. Jeremiah listened and obeyed therefore he was rewarded by God’s rescue and safekeeping.

Everything in our life will not be trial or problem-free. Sometimes, God may direct us in a way that may seem difficult and challenging. He may desire that we face situations that are tough. Yet, God knows everything from the start to the finish. He knows what lies behind the trial we may be going through, and calls us to trust in Him. He calls us to trust in His Lordship and Leadership. How can we call God our Lord, if we are not willing to listen and trust in his guidance and direction?


What am I getting from this verse? Start listening more. Jeremiah took time to listen and have his heart open to God’s direction. If I am not spending enough time with God, nor is my heart open to Him I won’t be open to His word. How can I choose to obey if I am not evening listening? Even if I hear words and do not obey, I am in danger of rebelling against God. How can God trust me with more when I cannot even obey him with the slightest thing? I need to stop and listen more.


Dear Jesus, I praise you for your patience with me. I am truly sorry for not being as obedient as I should be. I ask for your mercy on me. I desire to hear you more. I love you and ask of this in your name, Jesus.

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