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He reigns!

At that time the Roman emperor, Augustus, decreed that a census should be taken throughout the Roman Empire. Luke 2:1




Palestine was under the rule of the Roman Empire with Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor, in charge. The Roman rulers, considered to be like gods, stood in contrast to the tiny baby in a manger who was truly God in the flesh. A Roman census (registration) was taken to aid military conscription or tax collection. The Jews weren’t required to serve in the Roman army, but they could not avoid paying taxes. The census was a way for the Romans to show and extend their power over their subjects. Joseph and Mary were forced to comply with the Roman order and to make a long trip just to pay their taxes. None of it would have pleased them or any Jew, as they were yearned for  freedom from the Romans. But all of it was part of God`s good plan. The true ruler of the universe was to be born into a poor family and in humble circumstances.


Often, we don`t see God at work. God seems to be powerless. Circumstances and other people seem to run the show. We feel like helpless victims, just as Mary and Joseph must have felt. But make no mistake: The Lord of the Universe is at work all the time! He is a humble king calling us as well in 2022 to follow and trust him! He will be building His kingdom as well in 2022! Let our hearts welcome the humble king. Only He, who has given Himself for us is worthy of our allegiance. May His kingdom come on earth as in heaven during 2022!


Jesus, I am so thankful that you are coming with me into 2022! Let your love, humility and compassion further transform me, our churches, and this world! Amen.

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