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Fruit Farming


Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. And do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I tell you that out of these stones, God can raise up children for Abraham. Luke 3:8 NIV


John told those who came to him to be baptized that there needs to be fruit of repentance. It is easy to say something, and yet our actions prove otherwise.


This year, I would like to be a fruit farmer. I would like to produce more fruit of the Spirit, not to prove to others of my work in the Lord. Rather to be a testimony of the salvation of the Lord.

  1. I must ask myself, “How am I different today because of Christ’s salvation in my life?” Furthermore, I need to listen to God to see how He is directing me to do the work that is in line with the work He has for me. Obedience is key, and I know it will take courage to do the things God is asking me to do.
  2. Stay Connected. In order to receive the tools, direction, and strength. We cannot do anything without being connected to Jesus. Pray, Praise, and Read the Word often. God will direct me in areas that may need to be pruned. Areas that may need fertilizer. Areas that may need to be rid of pests that can ruin the fruit. God will direct me, but I need to be connected!
  3. Help others to be Fruit Farmers. The best way to get to know something is to teach others how to do it. I would like to disciple 2 people this year. I need to pray about who God would like me to invest time in their development. I need to schedule a time to spend with them and encourage them in their walk with Christ.


Lord God Almighty, thank you so much for blessing me and my family with a wonderful 2023! As we look toward You in this new year, I pray that we can be connected with You more. Please guide us toward developing fruits of the Spirit. You are the Vine, and we are only branches. Jesus, please direct us to be disciples who are not only claiming to be your disciples but are ones that are producing fruits keeping with repentance. We love you and ask fo this in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!



悔い改めにふさわしい実を結びなさい。あなたがたは、『私たちにはアブラハムが父である』と言い始めてはならない。あなたがたに言っておくが、神はこの石から、アブラハムのために子らを起こされるのである。ルカ3:8 NIV







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