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Focus on Heaven


“Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth.”

Colossians 3:2 NLT

“Let heaven fill your thoughts; don’t spend your time worrying about things down here.” Colossians 3:1-2, TLB


God speaks through Paul’s letter that we will go where our eyes are focused. If we are focused on the worries of this world, we will end up missing out on what God has planned for us. Our worries become larger than they really are and we soon find ourselves overwhelmed. Pastor Tantan mentions that our worries are mostly made up of something that will not happen.

It is time to look at what God is doing, His provision, His guidance, His wisdom, and His plan and not be so worried about the things that have people of this world shaken up over. If we are scrambling around trying to worry our way through our life, we are letting what worries us become our god. When our minds are so focused on whatever it may be that we start to look at how we can solve it. And sometimes God makes things so difficult, we have no choice but to look toward Him for help. As a result, it might be the only way for God to finally get our attention. 


I know how worry has taken a toll on things like my relationships, my health, and my decision-making. I know see how my attitude and outlook has darkened when I succumb to worrying about things. I have become worried about the future and whether I can provide enough to cover for the expenses of my kids schooling, paying for the house and bills, etc. However, God spoke to me through these verses from Sunday’s sermon. My eyes and heart should be focused on Him and not my worries. I can come to the Father with these concerns and seek to see how He answers.

I need to learn patience and faith in God’s timing and provision. I know He has done so much for me and has always taken care of me, but I confess that I still worry.  I choose to let go and let God lead me through each worry. Therefore, I choose to let God be who guides me and  not my worry.


Dear Lord God Almighty, my Rock, my Provider, my Hope. I confess that I have let worry become my focus. I have taken my eyes off of you and have looked toward how I can do everything to relieve me of worry. I am seeing that many of the things that I worry about are not really mine to worry about. I ask for your hand to guide me and to assure me where I should be putting my trust and faith in. Thank you that in You there is no worry, but peace and hope. I look to You and choose to have my focus upon heaven. I love you and pray for your blessings upon my self and others. I empty my heart to be able to receive what You have for me and use it to bless others. I love you and ask for this in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!


コロサイの信徒への手紙3:2 NLT

“天に思いを馳せなさい。” “下界のことを気にして過ごしてはいけない。”コロサイ人への手紙3章1-2節、TLB

私は、心配事が人間関係や健康、意思決定などにどのような影響を及ぼしてきたかを知っています。心配に負けた時、私の態度や見通しがいかに暗くなったかを知っています。将来のこと、子どもの学費や家の費用、請求書などを十分に賄えるかどうか、心配になってきました。しかし、神様は日曜日の説教の中で、この聖句を通して私に語りかけてくださいました。私の目と心は、心配事ではなく、神様に向けられるべきです。私はこれらの心配事を父なる神様のところに来て、神様がどのように答えてくださるかを求めることができます。私は忍耐と、神のタイミングと備えに対する信仰を学ぶ必要があります。神は私のために多くのことをしてくださり、いつも私の面倒を見てくださっていると知っていますが、私はまだ心配しています。 しかし、私はまだ心配していることを告白します。私は、心配事ではなく、神様が私を導いてくださることを選びます。

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