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Face to Face


“I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you face to face, so that our joy may be complete.” ‭‭2 John‬ ‭1‬:‭12‬ ‭NIV‬‬


John was happy to hear that the church to whom he sent the letter was doing good by walking in the truth of love.

He warns them about false teachers spreading their ideas.


I think many times, specially in this age, we try to make things easier and faster by chatting over text. It is very convenient but I feel some people use it to avoid meeting with others or trying to avoid any kind of confrontation.

But there is something different about talking face to face.

John even says “so that our joy may be complete”.

This week I visit a family in the country side of Nagano, and even it was a last minute call, I can really say that our joy of meeting them was far better than the expectations that we had before.

I understand what John means by this joy that comes from visitation.

I want to do more visits in the future and don’t forget the importance of talking face to face.


Thank you Jesus to give me opportunities to visit others that I long time no see. Help us to create relationships that grows deeper than texts and messages, but ministry to each other face to face. In your name, I pray.

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