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Every Detail is Already Solved


“Jesus sent Peter and John ahead and said, ‘Go and prepare the Passover meal, so we can eat it together.’ ‘Where do you want us to prepare it?’ they asked him.”
Luke 22:8-9 NLT


Jesus asked the disciples, at first instance, what seems to be a simple task: to prepare the Passover meal. But it wasn’t that simple. Jesus and the disciples were like travelers, and just a few days before they arrived in Jerusalem. It is not like they had an office for their gatherings or a fixed house where they lived.
So when Jesus asked the question, Peter and John were ready to obey but they didn’t know-how. Jesus then explained step by step what they needed to do: enter Jerusalem, follow the man carrying water, talk to the owner of the house that he enters, he will bring you to a large room. The details of Jesus’ answer was so specific that there was no way Peter and John could find that room on their own.


Sometimes we listen to Jesus’ commandment to our lives but we try to fulfill his order by ourselves without asking him “how”. We turn around in circles trying to find the answers that could be solved by simply asking Jesus: “where do you want us to prepare it?”
Jesus has every detail already solved. When he orders us to do something he does not want us to be wandering around. Instead, we must ask for his instructions on how to do it.


Father, thank you that you never leave us on our own. Thank you for all the divine provisions and appointments that come into our lives when we are following your orders. Help me to don’t try to figure things by myself but ask you the best way to accomplish what you have commanded me. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

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