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Doing it Again


“And this time their nets were so full of fish they began to tear!”
Luke 5:6 NLT


Jesus asks a fisherman, Peter, to come into his boat so he can speak to the crowds.

At that time they were already cleaning their nets. The fishermen tried to catch finish the whole night, without succeed.

Later Jesus asks Peter to let down his net to catch some fish and miraculously, this time, they catch so many fishes that the nets starts to tear, and not only his, but his partners’ boat was almost sinking due to the quantity of fish they caught.

They were all capable workers… they tried the whole night… but what made the difference?

This time, Jesus asks them to do it.


I am sure for Peter and his partners, that was not a unique night. Sometimes the sea is for fishing and sometimes not. Maybe they faced many nights like that before. So, it was normal.

So many times we fail trying to do something.

We might have the right skills, we might even worked very hard on it.

But we end up failing, without any positive results.

I think sometimes Jesus asks for us to do it again.

Do again, things that we failed before.

Do again, things that didn’t work well before.

Do again, things that didn’t give the result that we expected.

In relationships, in the work, in our personal projects, in the ministries at church.

But we most of time would hesitate, because we don’t want to go through failure again.

What is the difference? This time, Jesus asks us to do it.

And if he is asking us to do something that we failed before, we our skills and our hard work, this time we are sure he will do something new.

He will do something that is out of ordinary.

It won’t be just the accomplishment of your expectations.

It is overflow: the neat will start to tear and the boats will almost sink with the miracle that Jesus will perfom.

The difference: we do it not because we are capable, but we do it out of obedience to him.

And that makes all the difference.

But this is not about doing nothing, instead, when we fail doing and Jesus asks us to do it: don’t be discourage and don’t fear to try it once more because this time, things will overflow.


Jesus, help me to don’t trust just in my abilities, skills set, hard work or my experiences. Help me to live new experiences each step that I am listen to you and face challenges to overcomes with you. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

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