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Detached from this World


“Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.”

1 John 2:6 NLT


This chapter tells us to live in obedience to God, to live in accordance to the commandment of love, to not love this world, and some warnings about the anti Christ and the danger that comes of not living in fellowship with God and Jesus.

The verse above tells us that we should live our lives as Jesus did.

How did Jesus lived his life here on Earth?

The sentence that came to mind while reading this was “detached from this world”.

Everything that the world offers to our eyes is a temptation with the goal of distracting us on how to live a life as Christ did.

It tries to make us so attached to this world to the point that we give so much value to our belongings, well being, and carrier (because all of these gives us the comfort to live here), forgetting what is to live a life detached from this world.

We put so much energy of making sure we have a good life here on Earth but forgetting to live as Jesus did: to love and to obey God, to love people, to live a life not with the end goal here, but to looking forward to what God is preparing for us in heavens.


What are the things in my life that attaches me to this world and is on my way of love a life as Jesus did?

Today is Christmas, the celebration of Jesus coming to this world, emptying himself of his glory, to fit in a human form to show us how we can truly love a life that would glorify God.

Giving up of his comfort, safety, and making himself vulnerable for the sake of others. And this is how we shall live.


Jesus, help me to remember that every day is Christmas. Every day is a celebration of you coming to our lives to teach us how to live. Help me to love detached from this world. Help me to live as you did. In your name, I pray.

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