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Deepening Our Faith


‘Then Jesus told them plainly, “Lazarus has died, and for your sake, I am glad that I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him.” ‘

John 11:14-15 ESV


Sometimes Jesus needs to be flat-out plain in his explanation to His disciples. Nevertheless, going to see someone who was sick and sleeping, only to wake them up, didn’t make any sense, even more so going to see someone who has already died. But this instance was for the deepening of the faith of His disciples and those about to witness this amazing miracle. We, too, may not understand why God does things. He knows what will happen, but instead of doing just for Himself, he will use situations to deepen our faith in Him. 

God does not just dangle a carrot before us to make us move; rather, He desires that we deepen our faith in Him and come to give Him glory. We may have to go through times when God seems to be too late or absent completely. That is never the case. God is ever-present, in and surrounding us. Whenever we may feel that the situation we are coming to God may be bleak, He may just be deepening our faith in Him. 


We have already seen things that God has done in our lives, prayers He has answered, and even received unexpected blessings. God may use trials and struggle to strengthen our faith and shape us to be more like Him. I felt that the biggest thing I need to do is be patient and trust in God’s Will. Saul was impatient, made sacrifices before the appointed time, and lost the kingdom. God is telling us to remember the miracles He has done, keep close to Him, and move when He does. The disciples needed constant reminders of the miracles Jesus had done, and we need the same. Asking ourselves, “Remember when God…?” will help us to remember that God will answer.  Next, being close to God through praying what is on our hearts. God knows that we do not understand all He is doing, but He wants us to draw close to Him, and He will draw close to us (James 4:8.) He may explain it to us through His Word or will set it upon our hearts. God desires us to approach Him. Next, we need to obey when He moves. God may show us something that requires us to obey. He will not force us, but we are to choose to follow Him.


Thank you, God Almighty, that you do not just do things for your glory but also want to include us in the work you are doing to deepen our faith. Thank you for being personal and approachable through your Son, Jesus.  We choose to be close to You and to move as you move. We thank you for all you have in mind for us! We love you and ask of this in Your Name, Jesus! Amen!


ラザロが死んだので、あなたがたのために、わたしがその場にいなかったことを喜んでいる。しかし、彼のところへ行こう。” ‘

ヨハネ11:14-15 ESV



私たちはすでに、神が私たちの人生に成してくださったこと、神が応えてくださった祈り、さらには思いがけない祝福を受けたことを目にしている。神は私たちの信仰を強め、神のようになるために試練や葛藤を用いるのかもしれない。私に一番必要なことは、忍耐強く、神の御心を信じることだと感じた。サウルはせっかちで、定められた時よりも前に犠牲を払い、王国を失った。神は私たちに、神がなされた奇跡を思い出し、神の近くにとどまり、神がなされる時に動くようにと言われているのだ。弟子たちは、イエスがなさった奇跡を常に思い出す必要があった。神がいつ……されたか覚えていますか」と自問することは、神が答えてくださることを思い出す助けとなる。 次に、心にあることを祈ることを通して、神に近づくことだ。神は、私たちが神のなさることをすべて理解しているわけではないことを知っておられるが、私たちが神に近づくことを望んでおられる。神は私たちが神に近づくことを望んでおられる。次に、神が動かれたら、それに従う必要がある。神は、私たちが従うべきことを示されるかもしれない。神は私たちに強制はされないが、私たちは神に従うことを選択しなければならない。

全能の神よ、あなたはご自分の栄光のためだけに物事をなさるのではなく、私たちの信仰を深めるためにあなたがなさっている働きに私たちも参加させてくださることを感謝します。あなたの御子イエスを通して、個人的で近づきやすい存在でいてくださることを感謝します。 私たちはあなたの近くにいることを選び、あなたの動きに合わせて動くことを選びます。あなたが私たちのために考えておられるすべてのことに感謝します!私たちはあなたを愛し、イエスの御名によってお願いします!アーメン

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