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Count Your Days


So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. 

Psalm 90:12 ESV


Moses writes this psalm to remind us of one important thing, our time here is not as long as we imagine it. We never know when the time spent with someone will be the last time. Though we may struggle and have things that are challenging in our life, we should not take the days we are blessed to wake up to, and the people we are blessed to spend life with, for granted. 

We are not only should understand the brevity of our life but also understand to make the best of the time we have here. It doesn’t mean that we should just live aimlessly or carelessly. Rather, we are to be focused on pleasing God Almighty, who has given us the time we have. He did not sacrifice His Son, Jesus for us to live as we please, or to satisfy ourselves. Jesus has afforded for us to live out a sanctified life in Him, and for us to share the Good News of His love and grace. 

I know I have spent many days worrying about tomorrow when the Bible even says not to worry about our needs or plans. I have spent days wasting time that I have on things that really don’t matter. In addition, I have wasted days just doing things routinely, without a shred of thankfulness for the day with which I had been blessed. So what is this scripture speaking to us about?


  1. Cherish the day that I am living in the present. We cannot do anything in the future or change the past. What we learn here and now is what will develop our character and give us wisdom. We never know that the challenges or trials we face now may be the very lessons to learn for something God has in our future. The trials or discipline may hurt now but will grant us the peace of righteousness in the future (Hebrews 12:11).

2) Cherish our relationships. I know there are so many questions and things I would like to do with those who have passed away. I never knew that my last time with my dad was seeing him off at the airport. I never knew the last time I would spend with my mom was the moments before leaving the house to go work out. 

God has given us valuable relationships that we need to be thankful for and invest in to grow. We never know when our last time with someone will be the very last here on earth. Let us truly pay attention to, love upon, and create deep and meaningful relationships with those God puts in our path.


Dear God Almighty, thank you for this timely scripture. I know that I have complained and sometimes felt indifferent with the relationships I have with others. I confess that I have wasted days and time on frivolous things that do not matter. I pray for your forgiveness. I ask for a heart to cherish my time here and the relationships you have blessed me with. I praise you and give you thanks for being so patient with me and especially for blessing me with days and relationships with others. I love you and thank you for Jesus Christ. I ask of this in your name, Jesus. Amen!




詩篇90:12 ESV






2) 人間関係を大切にする。亡くなった方に質問したいこと、してあげたいことはたくさんあると思います。父との最後の時間が、空港での見送りだったとは。母と過ごす最後の時間が、ワークアウトに行くために家を出る前の瞬間だったとは。




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