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Burning Heart


They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”


Jesus joined two of His disciples as they walked. As they walked, Jesus revealed the Scriptures to them, explaining all that happened and the fulfillment of the Scriptures in Jesus Christ. The Scriptures are alive and powerful enough to set people on fire for God, to break down walls within our hearts, and to burn away the things that set themselves up against the Word of God.

Recently, one of our interns went on a mission trip to a church in the next prefecture. The message they brought and the work they did in the name of Jesus caused a fire to stir within some of the members there. One member had claimed that her soul and heart had been set ablaze with the Word of God, and it had helped her to overcome some of her issues. Hallelujah! The Scriptures are alive and will set people on fire for God. However, we may settle for just reading the Bible as a task or to do it because someone told us to. Our hearts should be open to the power of the Scriptures and know how much God is speaking to us through it.


The Bible is meant for us to discover what God is telling us. However, if we aren’t ready to listen, it will become more of a chore to read the Bible. Let us make time to discover and wonder at what God is speaking to us about. I often find that when I pray to ask God to show me what He wants to share, I am often blessed with a scripture that speaks to me.

Meditating on that scripture allows God His Word to reach further into our hearts to reveal things that God is drawing our attention to. It is said that we do not only read the Bible, but it also reads us.

By journaling about it, we allow ourselves to recall those things that God spoke to us about. What did we feel, understand, think about, or experience?

Finally, pray and communicate and praise God for that Word.

These will certainly help us to experience what it means to have a burning heart as God shares His promises with us, pours His love and Spirit into us, and cleanses and restores us.

One more thing: never be afraid to dig deep. It is said that the finest jewels are not found on the surface of the earth but when one truly digs. Let us be those who dig for those jewels that will set our hearts on fire for Him.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for revealing your Word to us through the Scriptures. Let your words burn our hearts, burn away the dross in our lives, and light our paths before us. Thank you for pouring your Spirit into us! Thank you for Jesus! We love You. In Jesus’s mighty name, amen!
















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