Alpha Course


Every Friday, 20:15-21:30


The Alpha course is a short introduction to Christian faith. More than 24 million people in more than 100 different countries have done the Alpha Course. The Alpha Course is designed in a way that anybody can feel at home and freely ask deeper questions about life.

1) Connect / つながる


Alpha is an opportunity to explore life’s big questions together in an open and save environment.

2) Watch / 見る


The episodes unpack the basics of the Christian faith, addressing questions such:● 人生にまだ足りないものは? / Is there not more to life?● イエスとは? / Who is Jesus?● 神はどのように導くのか? / How does God guide us?

3) Discuss / 話し合い


Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to spark conversation.

コースはバイリンガルになります (英語字幕) 

The course will be bilingual (English subtitles)


Even if you can`t make it every time you are still welcomed to join us.

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